Starting from Nafplio port, this cruise moves south along the Peloponnesian coastline. With a total length of around 130 nautical miles, it emphasizes tranquility and comfort, running down from cove to cove towards Monemvasia, one of Greece’s (and Europe’s) oldest and most beautiful fortified towns. It is suitable for all ages.


Astros / Fokiano / Monemvasia / Kiparissi / Tyros / Nafplio


Saturday after 16:00 PM


Saturday before 09:30 AM

what to bring

Swimsuits / flip flops / hat / sunscreen / sunglasses / shoes with white soles





Saturday: Astros

Your week in the sun begins! The scenic town of Astros, overlooked by its medieval castle, is the ideal place to wander around after a full day of travelling. Grab a bite in one of the local taverns, a drink or two and get some rest while safely docked in Astros's beautiful harbor.


Sunday: Fokiano

One of the most beautiful coves of the Myrtoan Sea, well hidden among the steep, green slopes of Mount Parnon. It's natural beauty, emerald green waters and very hard access through the mainland renders it an ideal destination for marine travellers. Prepare for sunbathing and swimming in the Peloponnese's secret paradise. Book and good company recommended.

DAY 3 & 4

Monday: Monemvasia

Arguably the historical highlight of the trip. A mystical, ancient stone-built fortress town, built on a tied island under a massive rock formation, Monemvasia has been carefully restored and many of its narrow cobblestone streets are for pedestrians only. Arguably a once-in-a-lifetime destination.


Tuesday: Kiparissi

Kiparissi (the greek word for Cypress) is a picturesque harbor with light-blue waters and cypress trees reaching all the way to the waterfront. Exceptional, traditional Greek food awaits in the local seaside taverns. Don't miss doing a nearby hike through the evergreen groves next to the sea, leading to the secluded harbor of St. George.


Wednesday: Tyros

Α charming town built between the Myrtoan Sea and the foot of Mt. Parnon, is ideal for promenading its 2km quay. Enjoy the sunset drinking ouzo on the beach, and once you wake up, break fast with traditional, freshly-baked spanakopita, and Greek coffee served with the traditional loukoúmi.


Thursday: Nafplio

After a stop in the secluded island of Romvi lies our final destination, the beautiful, historical city of Nafplio. Rich history surrounds Nafplio, which has been under Franc, Veneti, Ottoman and Greek occupation. Nafplio is the home of two medieval fortresses, a spectacular waterfront and a busy but cosy historical center full of taverns, cocktail bars and winding, cobblestone streets. The cherry on the cake of the most wonderfull week of your life!