Based in Nafplio, Argolis we are offering high quality yacht charters in the Argolic gulf and the Aegean, the most popular sailing destinations in Greece.

We started a family business, driven by our love to sail and all the accumulated knowledge of the Greek sea that we have travelled.

Now it is time to give all this love and experience back, by offering top sailing services to every one of you. Either planning a special occasion, or if you just want a day to sail, relax and enjoy Greek sun, sea and hospitality you are in the right place.

Join us to explore more!



Teamwork makes the team work!



Theodore has been sailing the Ionian and Aegean Sea for the last 30 years, a hobby that has become his passion. Now he is waiting for you to explore the hidden beauties of Greek islands and shore, always eager to share his experience and knowledge. He is a professional skipper, having acquired his diploma in 1985; even before that he was involved with surfing and motorboats. He is a good mechanical, as he maintains and repairs all parts of the boat himself. Join him to learn about the ropes, how to read the compass, how to manage the sails and prepare for a day full of fun!

Charter Manager - Skipper


Elena is an Architect, daughter of Theodore and Maria. You will chat with her on the phone or communicate via email to book your cruise with us. When she was three years old she embarked on her first sailing cruise with her family. She grew fond of the experience and is following the steps of her father, knowing everything about boats and sailing, even in the toughest situations. Since then, she has travelled a lot and in 2018 acquired the skipper’s license and now she is ready to sail with you!

Crew - Hostess


Maria is the head principal of a local elementary school and has been engaged in sailing with her husband, Theodore, for more than three decades. During the summer holidays she is also joining the sailing cruising team, offering her experience and delicious homemade treats.

Crew - Doctor


Giorgos is a Doctor, son of Theodore and Maria, and very keen on sailing since he was five years old. When he is off duty, he is spending his time helping his parents with the boat. He also enjoys playing football and learning French. If you are lucky, you will also have medical care on board!


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