Last Update: 17 Mar 2022


In case that clients cannot reach Greece due to the official travel restrictions or closed borders (travel affected by COVID-19)

  • We will issue a credit note (not refundable) valid for 2022 or/and 2023 season or
  • The client has the right to postpone the charter in a different period of 2022.

The deadline for rescheduling the charter is 21 days before embarkation.

The above policy applies only to Covid-19 related cancellations, as follows:

  • Travel ban / closed borders of Greece or clients’ country.

The following cases are not considered Covid-19 restrictions and we will apply our normal cancellation policy applies:

  • Clients’ unwillingness to undertake mandatory Covid-19 test to enter the country.
  • Clients’ general uncertainty regarding travelling


In case of cancellation due to diagnosis of COVID 19 before embarkation, no vouchers or refund is accepted. Our general cancellation policy will be valid in this case.

In the event that the Greek government legislate a new legislative act on travel affected by COVID 19, we will have to follow the official decisions of the government.